Download Hunger Strike day two (re-dedication to the hungry people in the world) video

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Hunger Strike day two (re-dedication to the hungry people in the world)

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  • Description: The link below has all the juicy details in this dog drama

    If you are not interested in my plight with the dog, I wonder if you might consider the world's hungry and poor? Or are you too busy being morally self-righteous about what you think is best for everyone else?

    Have you ever even gone one day without food? Not long, I assure you. None the less that growling gnawing feeling is a direct link to a widespread human condition. There are children dying by the hundreds everyday who will never have that gnawing feeling satisfied while you and I go about stuffing fries into that big belly like me. How gross is that really? I sure am going to try to lose weight as a sign of respect for myself and in respect for those who are less fortunate. There is the hope to have either my Wolf (first choice) if he wants to come back to me, or, a spunky little Jack Daniel who needs a home.

    I am not focused on having the Wolf, if he would rather be with her. But also, on the other hand I will not leave him with a dysfunctional person if he would rather be with me. She has no transfer of property saying I gave her full ownership. It is much the same as when white man first came and stole the Indians land simply by possessing it.

    I believe that this may work as I don't have an intransigent bureaucracy to sway. Only one person whom I know to have a heart at least as she displays it. It is motivated by poor selfish reasoning processes and a true friend would be honest with her and talk to her and convince her that what she is doing ins not ethical, not morally responsible and a selfish act, no matter how hard it is for her to do the right thing: let the dog choose. I do want a dog in my life soon and can't move on until Aloofus shows me he wants to be with her. That's not so much to ask and the offer still stands about her taking him for daily walks, if he chooses me. I've always meant to live up to our joint ownership in spirit as well as practically. That doesn't include her sole possession of the dog without me having any access. And she knows quite well whom the dog will choose. That is the reason for her reluctance to have this test and I find that very cruel and selfish. Don't you?
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