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Hybridiztion Theory

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    Narration: Gordon W. Gribble, PH.D.

    One of the perennial limiting factors for students learning chemistry is their inability to imagine molecules in three-dimensions. We have bridged this gap by employing new technologies to create state of the art three-dimensional animations within our teaching tool. Uniquely presented, students learn how to take a two-dimensional molecule off the blackboard during lecture and fold it into three-dimensions or envision a molecule in three-dimensions from a page in a book, which is arguably the most essential skill when learning Chemistry. Starting with the atomic orbital theory, the sp3, sp2, and sp hybrid orbitals are developed and utilized within many supplementary examples allowing the student exposure to Newman projections, conformational analysis, geometric isomers, deviations from ideal bond angles, nitrogen inversion, and many other interesting topics. Again, this DVD has been labeled, a must have to enhance the students understanding of how atoms within a molecule are oriented in three-dimensions. After all, the student who has the ability to visualize molecules in three-dimensions is rewarded with a better understanding of chemical properties, physical properties, and most importantly, the ability to predict chemical reactivity.
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