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I2C Interface

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  • Description: I2C InterfaceEveryone who has ever tried developing electronics has encountered this situation. You have to use lots of intermediate integrated circuits to coordinate signal, access, and addressing levels of stand-alone assemblies. To solve this problem Philips developed a simple bidirectional two-wire bus for the so called inter IC control. The bus received the name of InterIC, IIC or I2C bus.Today more than 150 I2C compatible devices are manufactured by NXP alone. They are functionally designed to work in electric equipment with various applications. These devices include integrated circuit memory, video processors, modules for processing audio and video signals, ADC and DAC, drivers of LCD indicators, processors with in-built hardware controllers of the I2C bus, etc.The I2C bus has many advantages. We'll list only a few of them. The bus only needs two lines - an SDA line and an SCL line. The program can assign a unique address for each device connected to the. At each point there is a simple master-slave relation between the devices. The master devices can work as master-transmitters or master-receivers.The bus allows having several master devices. It also enables you to detect collisions as well as provides arbitration in order to avoid data corruption. For instance, this can happen in situations when two or more master devices simultaneously start data transmission.In normal operation mode the bus allows transmission of successive 8-bit data with the speed of 100 kilobits per second. In the rapid mode the speed can reach 400 kilobits per second.The microcircuits have an in-built filter. It suppresses bursts and ensures data integrity. The maximum possible number of microcircuits connected to one bus is limited by the maximum capacity of the bus. The latter equals to 400 picofarad.The I2C bus is compatible with any microcircuit technology (including CMOS and TTL). The information is transmitted with the help of two lines, SDA and SCL. Each device is identified by its unique address. This can be a microcontroller, an LCD buffer, a memory device or a keyboard interface. Devices can work either as transmitters or as receivers depending on their functions.An LCD buffer is usually a receiver. Memory can either receive or transmit data. Besides, when transmitting data, devices can be classified as masters and slaves. A master device initiates data transmission and emits sync signals.Any addressable device is considered to be a slave relative to the ...
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