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Illegal Is The War In Iraq..

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  • Description: Even in war a doctor should be allowed to uphold his 'Oath of Hippocrates'..
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    A camp of homeless refugees in Holland was violently dismantled by police, from undercover to riot squad. (They are big on intimidation) Besides about 150 refugees, 2 doctors and several humanitarian workers were beaten and arrested.
    Checkpoints kept press away from the location.

    Minister of Deportation, Gert Leers used 'divide and conquer' tactics to split up the group of about 400, mainly Iraqi, Irani and Somalian refugees. After he made some promises part of the group left the site. Red cross promised help but never showed. Dutch refugee organisation COA, (that put traumatized children in prison before deporting) cut off the waterline to the camp and police prevented fieldbeds and chairs to arrive.

    After a while in prison the refugees will be put on the streets again, literally told to leave. Many die. a sad state.

    Refugees in need of medical attention being neglected by COA Netherlands. A report by 2 doctors:

    Proteste im Zeltlager der Unsichtbaren:

    Artsen geslagen en gearresteerd:

    artsen opgepakt en mishandeld:

    Burgemeester had tentenkamp niet mogen ontruimen:

    De uitspraak van de rechter over het tentenkamp:
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