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Imba - PokeCenter (DUBSTEP VIP)

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    So here it finally is! I never got round to completing this track until now, I've kept on changing little bits, and the second "drop" on this is one a little different to the first ;) I've got over 2 thousand plays on the work in progress version of this song, and I've had a fair few people asking me if they could download it, but I don't like giving away my music until I feel I have finished it because I wouldn't like to get a bad representation from my music that isn't finished. Listen up, share it, and you might as well take the free download whilst you're here too - all these add stats to my page, and those stats help me get out there to reach more people, so with your help hopefully I will go a long way :)

    This VIP stemmed from a a random cover I did on my Korg Electribe, and when I got a lot of comments from people saying "this isn't dubstep" or "this isn't filthy" I decided I might as well please the arrogant youtube community with this, but it went a little further than I thought, and here we are! The version on youtube has 37 thousand views, so why can't we get that much over here on this "improved" version?

    Anyways, enough talking, enjoy!


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