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India-Bihar Floods 2008

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  • Description: Flooding causes devastation in the eastern state of Bihar in India with thousands missing, hundreds of villages destroyed and road and rail routes blocked, says ActionAid.

    This year the river Koshi, which flows into India from Nepal, broke through an embankment changing its path and flowing on a course that it had 100 years ago. The breach area is now over a thousand meter wide, releasing 0.15 Million cusec of water into the villages every day. This has forced two million people from their homes in six districts, where they were unprepared for such a disaster.

    Those displaced are not expected to be able to return to their homes for another two or three months when the embankment is repaired and the river moves back to its normal course.

    People have incurred crop losses worth millions. Hunger is one of the key challenges for those affected by the floods. The daily struggle for food will remain even after flood waters recede.

    ActionAid needs your support to help the flood affected people of Bihar.

    Please respond NOW! Please get in touch with Supporter Services, ActionAid Association, No.139 Richmond Road, P.B No. 5406, Bangalore -- 560 025, 080-25586682. Or write to


    Your donation will help us:
    • Rescue the victims who are still in the villages surrounded with water.
    • Provide Food support for 15 days.
    • Provide nutritional support for the infants, pregnant and lactating mothers and sanitary support for women.
    • Provide temporary shelter in raised areas.
    • Ensure Health care treatment for water borne diseases.Clean up the surroundings and remove carcasses.
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