Download Jawab-e-Shikwa [Response to The Complaint]part 1-Aziz MiaN qawwal - Aziz MiaN qawwal video

Download Jawab-e-Shikwa [Response to The Complaint]part 1-Aziz MiaN qawwal - Aziz MiaN qawwal video on

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Jawab-e-Shikwa [Response to The Complaint]part 1-Aziz MiaN qawwal - Aziz...

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  • Description: After getting so many requests i finally decided to upload jawab shikwa..this is why the video is not very good..otherwise i use to make videos in free time and in better way..
    hope its acceptable
    Whatever comes out of the heart is effective
    It has no wings but has the power of flight

    It has holy origins, it aims at elegance
    It rises from dust, but has access to the celestial world

    My love was seditious, rebellious and clever
    My fearless wailing rent through the sky

    On hearing it the sun said, Somewhere there is somebody!
    The planets said, At the Arsh-i-Barân there is somebody!

    The moon was saying, No, it is some inhabitant of the earth!
    The milky way was saying, Somebody is concealed just here!

    If someone understood my Remonstrance Riîw«n did
    He understood me as the Man turned out of the Paradise !

    Even angels exclaimed in surprise What could this voice be!
    Unknown even to the Arshs keepers what the secret could be!

    Is the mankinds reach really even to the Arsh?
    Has this pinch of dust also learned flight?

    How ignorant of good manners the earths denizens are!
    How bold and insolent these denizens of the low are!

    Is he so insolent that even angry with God he is?
    Is he the same Man who once worshipped by angels was ?

    He is the knower of Kamm, and of the enigmas of Kaif
    But, he is unacquainted with the secrets of modesty

    Mankind are proud of the power of their rhetoric
    These ignorant people are incapable of talking!

    A voice came Very pathetic is your story
    Full of restless tears is your wine-measure

    Your ecstatic clamor pervaded the celestial world
    How bold in speech is your Loving heart !

    You sweetened the Remonstrance with elegant graces
    You established intercourse between God and His people

    We are inclined to Mercy, but there is no one to implore
    Whom can we show the way ? There is no wayfarer to the destination

    Jewel polishing is common, but there is no proper jewel
    There is no clay capable of being molded into ÿdam

    We confer the glory of Kai on the deserving
    We confer even a whole new world on those who search!

    Arms are feeble, hearts are accustomed to apostasy
    The believers are a source of disgrace to the Prophet

    Idol-breakers have departed, the rest are idol-makers
    Though the father was Ibr«hâm the sons are ÿzar

    The wine-drinkers, the wine, even the decanters are new
    The sanctuary of the Kabah, the idols, even you are new
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