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Joe Biden at 2012 AFT Convention in Detroit

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  • Description: DETROIT (Tell Us Det) - Vice President Joe Biden was greeted with a rousing standing ovation Sunday afternoon by thousands of delegates attending the American Federation of Teachers national convention meeting at Cobo Hall in Detroit.

    Chanting "Four more years, four more years" the cheers were part welcome, part political pep rally, the AFT has endorsed the re-election of President Obama and Vice President Biden.

    Biden connected with delegates when he said "People don't fully understand what goes into your profession" in particular the Republican Party, the Vice President said they characterize teachers as "only carrying for themselves."

    Support for public schools, early education and higher teacher pay were all backed by the Vice President who said Republican investment in education could be understood by a quote from his father. "My Dad used to say 'Don't tell me what you value, show me your budget.'"

    Speaking on the economy, Biden explained the difference to President Obama's approach to rebuilding the middle class, "We build from the middle out" while the GOP "builds from the top down."

    The AFT which represents 1.5 million teachers nationwide is the nation's second-largest union, making it a powerful influence in electoral politics.

    Biden was joined on the stage by his wife, Dr. Jill Biden who spoke to the delegates before introducing the Vice President. Dr. Biden remained an educator, currently as an Adjunct Professor of English at a community college, after her husband became Vice President. She said of her commitment to teaching, "It's not what I do, it's who I am."
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