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Justified: Dearly Missed

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    So tired of waiting for someone to see her. So tired of hating this world that was so mean to her. She wanted to escape. She thought this was the way.

    Why didn't you help her? Why didnt you tell her? You have such hope but you left her to cope with all this pain that drove her insane.

    These mistakes she was making, they left her heart aching. You saw her everyday. Why didn't you just say a simple hello? Oh, didn't you know that such a simple word could mean so much to her.

    Don't even fake it. She couldn't take it. You knew she was burning. Her head, it was turning with these thoughts and these lies. You saw it in her eyes.
    Exhausted from crying, thought the answer was dying. She pulled out the knife and she ended her life. Is her blood on your hands? Do you understand?

    She's screaming oh so loud. She didn't make a sound. She's screaming oh so loud. She's falling to the ground.

    All of this pressure was starting to crush her. She had to be good enough, just for someone to love. And now she is gone. She was loved all along. She will be dearly missed. You will be dearly missed.
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