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Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift 2009 Tribute !!

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  • Description: Hope youu all like my tribute to Taylor and Justin !! :) Worked pretty damn hard on it !! No joke ;) I honestly think this is one of my best videos ever ?? :) I made this video a while ago, but decided to upload it on the Last day of 2009, just because it makes more sense and it clears up everything that went on this year !! :)

    I dedicate this video to ALL my subscribers, viewers, YouTube friends, Twitter friends, everyone who Loves Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, but most of all ... I dedicate this video to Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift them self !!

    Message to Justin and Taylor: Thank youu for making 2009 one of the BEST years ever for all your fans, friends, family and most of all yourself !! It has been a Great year for youu Justin and youu must feel incredibly blessed for all this to happen !! :) I don't know what this year would have been like if youu hadn't come into our lives. 2009 was by far YOUR year to shine, and boy did youu do a heck of a good job !! ;) Soo thank youu for being youu, and Good Luck in 2010 !! Twenty ten is waiting for youu !! :)
    Taylor, you've also made 2009 an AMAZING year, for yourself and your fans !!
    Don't give up on your career Ever !! I can tell you've had sooo many memories this past year; some good ... some not so good, but youu never gave up !! And youu may not know it yet, but that's inspiring to SO many. :) Good Luck in 2010 Taylor, I know you'll make it another great year !! (L)

    And to everyone else, I just want to say ... have a Very Happy New Year, and Good Luck with all your dreams and resolutions for 2010 !! I hope they all come true, because everyone deserves to have their dream turn into reality, just like Justin did !! :) Thank youu to all my Subscribers, its been a GREAT year on YouTube !! And I'm so blessed to have this many subscribers !! It means a lot. :) Almost been 2 Years on YouTube, cant believe it :P

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    Anyways ... Comment, Rate and Subscribe for more videos !! :)

    God Bless youu in the New year !! (L)
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