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Kahani Chandrakanta Ki 08/25/11

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  • Description: Somnath orders Changez Khan to kill Yuvraj Indrajeet .to follow the order,Changez Khan goes to kill Yuvraj but he gets the shock as Yuvraj succeeds to run away from the Palace...Somnath and Changez Khan follows him but fails to finds him in jungle .Krur Singh also wants to use the opportunity and he also looks for Yuvraj Indrajeet in jungle. Here in palce Rajkumari Kishori prays to god to help Yuvraj Indrajeet to reach his state safely otherwise she will not eat food or drink water.the hide and seek chase in on in the jungle and Bhawani Singh too comes to know that Yuvraj Indrajeet singh has run away from the Shivgarh palace so he also decides to grab him before Yuvraj cross the border of Shivgarh
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