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Ken Klein's Angel Wars: A Biblical Response

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    Ken Klein is a former NFL defensive back and controversial "Christian" film producer and author. I heard him on Coast to Coast's "Genesis Secrets Revealed". When someone claims to have "new secrets" about the Bible red flags should go up. , a cult is a movement that either attempts to correct
    Christianity or replace Christianity. A cult usually offers new revelation that
    rectify perceived failings in the Bible, or adds a new chapter to the finished work of Jesus Christ. A cult alleges to tell the full story, or correct the misunderstanding. Ken is doing just this on his Angel Wars DVD.

    While Ken may acknowledge Jesus Christ, we must remember so do the Mormons and Jehovahs witnesses. He is preaching false doctrine which is opposed to sound Biblical teaching. He explicitly denies the trinity. There are all sorts of unbiblical teachings like the 7 thunders in Revelation 10 are 7 universes being created in 7 Big Bangs. All sorts of nutty stuff...

    What is most concerning is Ken claims to have new revelation that corrects Biblical Christianity and specifically the teachings of the Apostle Paul. Most bizarre is Kens teaching on original sin. Because Ken finds original sin personally offensive and believes God would be unfair if the Bible is true when it says, "Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned—" in Romans 5:12. Thus the Bible is not true in Ken's eyes. Ken has new revelation that humanity are really incarnated fallen angels working off their angelic transgressions. Ken never says where gets this stuff.... he must have dug up some golden plates because it is sure not found in scripture!

    Usage of clips is covered under the Fair Use Act and Yes I actually paid for the DVD.
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