Download Khmer Guitar Lesson #4 Preap Sovat - Srok Tirk Pneak video

Download Khmer Guitar Lesson #4 Preap Sovat - Srok Tirk Pneak video on

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Khmer Guitar Lesson #4 Preap Sovat - Srok Tirk Pneak

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  • Description: Okay folk, another lesson for beginner, search for guitar chord diagram on the Internet. On this lesson we will focus on chord changing & timing. Take your time, learn it slow, and change chord cleanly as possible, at the same time, keeping timing with the songs. Remember, start slow.

    Preap sovat - Srok tirk Pneak.

    Thanks to Guitardude9207 for writing the Khmer/English version of the lyric.

    Have fun:

    Bb, Bb, Dm, Eb, Bb, Gm, F, Eb
    F, Bb, F

    Verse :
    Bb, Bb, Dm, Gm, Eb, Bb, Eb, F

    Youb neah sgnob sgnach, gouer ouy jom lach
    Thirk pneak hous jbeah rear threy
    Thirk pneak, bong srought brough rearng heat aveiy
    Groum hara deiy, gondal poup kloun mouy....
    Bong oun gouy gnam srai leairy tuk pneak,
    Nuk oun beait, stur baet throoung huery,
    Thuar durng they, meas may bong nurk threan tthruy,
    A threat jruv nah huery, nuk bong they bror leung,

    Bb, Dm, Eb, Bb, Gm, F, Eb, F

    Thirk pneak bong srork, mean maen kmean pagnha,
    Heat avaiy jea va hach douch jear tver maen dueng,
    Haet avaiy nea saaiy snae, klach jear peas ourgh,
    Ban treum thae bounn nearng, Oun dat jeat jat joul bong,
    Beah dong mouy neas, cheah klourch ourgh heury,

    Bb, Dm, Eb, Bb, Gm, F, Eb, F, Bb

    Kmean tgnai sbuery be touk sorg sow moerng,
    Vieght mean snaey beurt, klach jear peagh ourghs,
    Jea vurt leak long knougn on loung tuk pneak snaey,
    On loung tuk pneak snaey........

    Repeat :
    Verse 1 (1x)
    Chorus (1x)

    (Flute solo)
    Gm, Eb, F, Dm, Gm, Eb, Cm, F

    Repeat: Chorus

    Repeat: Gm, Cm, F, Dm....repeat END on (Bb)

    Snaey daey bong mean....., bong baen joun oun ourghs huey
    Oun jam tuk......, Bong sror laen oun klaing nah....
    Gor bon thaey, bong mean sdaiy groy thay....
    Bong groun thaey jong brap oun tai,
    Tuk pneak bong srouch nou, meun maen kmean bangha nou thay,
    Oun jam touk nai, Bong nuerk oun klaign nai,
    Sror laign oun klaign naigh........

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