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KillrBuckeye - Arrival (original metal song--instrumental)

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  • Description: This is my first complete original composition in many years. I wrote most of these riffs over a year ago, but I finally pieced together a complete song over the past few months. I think vocals would fit very nicely over this song, but I decided to keep it an instrumental for now. I left it short and sweet to keep your attention. I put a solo in place of the second verse of the song.

    The recording process was a learning experience for me. This is the first time I used a full-fledged DAW software (REAPER), and I took some tips from RedSGShredder for creating my drum tracks (check him out—he is awesome! PetrucciFever gave me much-needed motivation to get started on some of my original material, so I owe a big thanks to him. He also gave me the idea to use pitch-shifted guitar for the bass line. He is another awesome player, so visit his channel if you havent done so already (

    Obviously there are multiple guitars layered in this song, so Im only playing one part at a time for this video. Maybe in the future Ill take some time to learn Adobe Premiere and put together something a bit fancier. I plan to make a complete write-up on my website about how I recorded this song. If youre interested in recording your own stuff, keep an eye out for this.

    Thanks again for watching my video, and please let me know what you think!

    Be sure to visit my website if you have any questions. The answers are probably there, but if not feel free to ask.

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