Download Klein Matterhorn summit (3883m) & Schwarzsee (2583m) - Switzerland 9/13 (HD) video

Download Klein Matterhorn summit (3883m) & Schwarzsee (2583m) - Switzerland 9/13 (HD) video on

Download Klein Matterhorn summit (3883m) & Schwarzsee (2583m) - Switzerland 9/13 (HD) streaming video in flv, mp4, avi formats direct easily on


Klein Matterhorn summit (3883m) & Schwarzsee (2583m) - Switzerland 9/13 ...

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  • Description: (Re-upload in HD) - "Matterhorn Glacier Paradise" is the highest mountain station of the Alps (3883 m). It is situated on the summit of Klein Matterhorn.

    The peak is at 3883 m with the cable car terminal at 3820 m, the highest cable car end point in Europe.

    It is the highest point in the Zermatt ski area, where you can ski even during summer time.

    On the highest panoramaplatform of Europe you get an all around panorama from the swiss alps, including a close view of the Matterhorn.

    The construction of the cable way started in August 1976 at all three construction sites: the valley terminal, the three tower sites and the mountain terminal. Creation of the mountain terminal was a difficult undertaking. Some 2000 cubic metres of concrete were used in the mountain station, all of which had to be transported there by helicopter in specially insulated tanks, mixed with warm water and 2% anti-freeze. Weather conditions at the work site (3,820 metres above sea level) in high mountain terrain were extreme: temperatures falling to minus 40°C, snowfalls, and high winds of over 100km/h.

    In the summer of 1977 the track, hand and counter cables totalling 35.8 kilometers (22 miles) in length and weighing to 300 tonnes were dragged from Schweigmatten to Trockener Steg, a massive undertaking in itself. It took several weeks to cover the distance of 3,600 meters, with a vertical altitude of almost 1,000 meters and to rewind the cables on their reels.

    On December 1978, all four track cables were installed, and all remaining operations were completed by the spring of 1979. In the fall of 1979, the two 100 passenger cabins were flown from the village of Täsch to the valley terminal, attached to the hanger frames with the carriages lifted on to the track cables, with operations finally starting on 23 December, the start of the winter season.

    Second week of september, 2009
    Filmed with the Vado HD pocket camara.
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