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Labia Reduction Surgery

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    An accredited plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, Gary J. Alter, M.D. has an abundant amount of training and experience in the cosmetic surgery field, attaining board certification in the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), as well as the American Board of Urology (ABU).

    Offering a vast amount of plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Alter is featured on the television show Dr. 90210 for his skills in cosmetic as well as genital plastic surgery.

    Admitting that labia reduction surgery, or "labiaplasty," is a discrete procedure that very few people will talk about, Dr. Alter approaches the subject head on knowing that it can effect patients physical and personal lives in a very profound manner.

    Understanding the importance of minimal scarring and functionality of the labia, Dr. Alter pioneered a revolutionary technique called "Alter labia contouring" to assist his patients in achieving both of these goals. By creating a V-shaped incision on the labia, Dr. Alter is able to remove an even amount of tissue from each side of the labia through a smaller incision to help make it proportional.

    Not distorting the anatomy of the woman, or eliminating sensation in the vaginal region, Dr. Alter's technique has become very popular amongst women seeking to feel more self- confident about their bodies. For women with an enlarged labia, they may experience irritation when wearing certain clothes, pain during intercourse, and discomfort when performing physical activity. Because of this, Dr. Alter has dedicated himself to providing women with more functional labia.

    If you believe that labia reduction surgery may be able to benefit you, please feel free to look through Dr. Alter's Web site for further information.
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