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Lazy Town "Bing Bang" Clip in Spanish from Lima-Peru

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  • Description: Greetings from Lima-Peru (South America)!
    Lazy Town is a great show with lots of potential to make children -and grown ups too- jump out the armchair and do some activities!
    Let's all Sing A Long Lazy Town's "Bing*Bang" Spanish Version Lyrics with English equivalent:
    -¡Bing Bang diggiriggidong! ¡Es lo que yo canto cuando bailo; bailo, bailo!
    (Bing Band diggiriggidong! It's what I sing when I'm dancing; dancing, dancing!)
    - ¡Bing Bang diggiriggidong! ¡No tiene sentido que más da!
    (Bing Bang diggiriggidong! I don't mind if it doesn't make any sense!)
    - ¡Vamos a bailar saltando, es divertido bailar así!
    (Let's all jump dancing, it's so much fun dancing like this!)
    - ¡Ahora ven, ven! ¡Salta así! ¡Una vuelta y aplaudímos juntos; juntos, juntos!
    ( Come on! Let's go all jumping! Turn around and clap your hands together, together, together!)
    - ¡Uno, dos: A girar! ¡Das la vuelta y bailas sin parar!
    (One, Two: Spin Around! Turn over and don't stop dancing!)
    It's a shame overweighted kids because of too much junk food and lack of exercising...
    Sportacus -the hero in blue- encourages everyone to move some: His energy & strengh comes from vegetable & fruits, sugar is Kriptonite for him! (it should be for us too)
    This excerpt is their famous trademark at the end of every episode -after Sportacus saved the day- they all start dancing Aerobics tournament style and singing this happy catchy song:
    Here in Latin America we're enjoying of this show since early 2005!
    This is the spanish version from Discovery Kids Latin America (Channel 37 of Cable Magico in Lima-Peru) I just recorded with my Samsung DVD Recorder!
    I finally found the way to rip my Home-DVDs and got them transfers in video clips here in "You Tube"
    So I can share them with you!
    Enjoy it and don't be lazy:
    Dance with the Lazy Town gang!
    Hope to hear from you all very soon!
    Cesar Dominguez
    Lima, Peru
    My Homepage:
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