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Lesson 30 - 'Learn To Enjoy Painting' with Paul Taggart

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  • Description: This series of lessons would suit complete beginners and those seeking to understand the traditional layering technique in oil painting -- starting at Lesson 29 -- in which Artist and Author Paul Taggart will guide you gently and in detail through the various stages.

    You can either work along with him on the same subject, or select one of your own - whatever you choose to do, you are encouraged to treat it as an exercise, rather than a painting composition.

    Trees, rocks and water are some of the most commonly requested subjects for demonstration and this is why Paul has included these elements in the study that he works on from start to finish -- all filmed in real-time.

    The experience of painting in oils can vary considerably - from working in one layer right through to maximising the traditional technique of working in layers to exploit the full potential of richness that can only be achieved in this medium.

    LESSON 30 -- AS WITH ALL OF PAUL'S TUTORIALS -- IS PACKED FULL OF HINTS, TIPS and TECHNIQUES. You will find yourself guided through the next stage in this painting exercise working from the initial stage of blocking in the background, through to the first impasto colour rendering of the sky.

    The traditional oil painting technique of working through from dark to light forms the basis of this set of lessons. You will now apply the dark 'lean' background layer (more on that in the Topical Tip) before moving on to re-establishing the elements within the composition.

    Having completed that, you will move on to the first impasto strokes of colour -- to establish the sky. You will learn an effective method for establishing the graduated colours of the sky, towards the lightest colour at the skyline.

    Melding colours through the use of blending, mixing streaky colours on the palette, tips for making the most of loading your brush -- all thoroughly explained in Paul's detailed running commentary.

    No speed-painting here, you are watching every stroke as it is applied in real-time and at such close quarters that you can clearly see how the strokes work on the canvas.

    Alongside these lessons, you will find a raft of related Painting Topical Tips, Painting Equipment Focus, Painting Problem Solvers, Workshops and SBS Tutorials; plus more Learn To Enjoy Colour Mixing and other related tutorials.

    As the lessons unfold, so will the related films; until the final lesson brings this series of lessons to a close.

    MEANWHILE - check out the Masterclass playlist and Paul's Original Paintings Reveals playlist for more examples of oil paintings produced using the traditional layering technique.
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