Download Lina Morgana: The Illuminati Sacrifice Pt.2 (Lady Gaga and Psychopathic Records) video

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Lina Morgana: The Illuminati Sacrifice Pt.2 (Lady Gaga and Psychopathic ...

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  • Description: Important note: It is essential for us to understand the nature of the industry, that these people are likely NOT in control of their lives or the music they make. Therefore while we can see the interactions of these pawns, we must further consider the motives and actions of the handlers and those who are really in charge. It is entirely possible that my speculations are false, but I am merely putting the pieces together and contemplating the possibility. You don't like that? Too bad. I can think and say whatever I want.

    Comments/ratings will be enabled when or if people decide not to just bicker and swear at eachother. If you have anything to ask, or say, or perhaps another observation, feel free to comment me on my page.

    This is a revised version. There's no music save for the clips used as examples, and the respective copyright holders retain all their rights and credit to the clips. I AM NOT ACCUSING ANYONE OF ANYTHING, I am simply displaying a series of observations that crossed my mind at some point. Never at any time do I accuse any person or party of any crime, rather I outline facets which seem to suggest something more than just suicide occurred. The only thing I accuse any person or party of is brandishing symbols which are indicative to Illuminati affiliation, which I do because of the increased epidemic of creepy sun-god revering, human sacrificing, Satan-worshipers. If I am wrong, then I'm wrong, I can live with that, and hopefully you can too.

    If there is any typo or mistake, please message me.


    As for copyright violation, it's under "fair use" and I am not infringing anything legally speaking: "Video makers have the right to use as much of the original work as they need to in order to put it under some kind of scrutiny. Comment and critique are at the very core of the fair use doctrine as a safeguard for freedom of expression. So long as the maker analyzes, comments on, or responds to the work itself, the means may vary. Commentary may be explicit (as might be achieved, for example, by the addition of narration) or implicit (accomplished by means of recasting or recontextualizing the original). In the case of negative commentary, the fact that the critique itself may do economic damage to the market for the quoted work (as a negative review or a scathing piece of ridicule might) is irrelevant."


    Lina Morgana's official webpage with photos for comparison:

    For learning more about the Illuminati in the music industry:

    Joseph Bruce aka Violent J making an Illuminati reference:

    "Stefani Germanotta" aka Lady Gaga blatant Illuminati proof:

    COMPLAINTS: Please don't. If you don't agree, that's okay, but I didn't make this to simply be insulting or accusing. I did it because I was inspired to based on what I was seeing. If you're offended, I apologize sincerely, but don't waste your time or mine responding with a ton of insults and naysaying.

    The DJ Clay reference: She was NOT saying "DJ play", she was in fact, saying DJ Clay. The lyrics online which say "DJ play" are mistranslations done by people who have no context to the song.
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