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Liu Xiaobo Exclusive - China

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  • Description: Liu Xiaobo remains in prison on an 11 year charge for subversion. His wife was prevented from attending his Nobel peace prize award. In this, Liu Xiaobo's most recent interview, the man about to claim the Nobel peace prize discusses life under China's authoritarian regime.

    "The driving force for positive change within the Chinese political system does not come from the top. It comes from the ordinary people and it's unstoppable". Xiaobo discusses humanitarian issues in Tibet and China, the Chinese governments harassment of his family, and the possibilities for democracy in China. "I'm the one who has brought fear into their hearts. So deep down I feel guilt but sometimes that can turn into fear". He also speaks about what he sees as the growing number of dissidents, like himself, willing to speak out against the Chinese government. "Doing the pro-democracy work I do, the fear of being sent to prison at any time. Doesn't actually scare me too much. If it did I wouldn't have been doing this work for the last 19 years".

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