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Lui Marco- Maple Covered Mushroom Tip

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  • Description: If you get upset over YouTube or Facebook... You, sir, are retarded.

    I do NOT think I am very big and I have absolutely no problem with OBJECTIVE criticism. Lui Marco blocked me from his Facebook page after I simply asked him why he has so many videos with the title "Most Amazing Biceps Peaks."
    Yesterday I commented on somebody's picture of him that they had shared saying " 0 aesthetic value" which is simply my opinion, and he felt the need to send me messages insulting me as well as posting stuff on his Facebook page about me. Lui, if I REALLY hurt your feelings and your incredibly ridiculous ego, I apologize. It was not my intention to make you feel inadequate or unaesthetic. It was simply my opinion and how I feel about your horrendously placed triceps and biceps insertions. You have also stated your opinions about me, which is PERFECTLY fine. The issue I have is how you blatantly make insults and speak about yourself in the 3rd person. You do realize that this is politically incorrect? Also, if you are so accustomed and used to riding upon Lui Marco's maple covered mushroom tip, I am sorry if these words or this video offended you and I hope you realize that you can eat pizza and poptarts and look WAY better than Lui Marco does after his 20+ years of training. Please stay safe now, Champs.

    and also, if Lui Marco's physique is so amazing why has he NEVER Competed in his 20+ years of bodybuilding?
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