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Luigi Time!!! | 100k Special | New Super Mario Bros Wii

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  • Description: (100,000 Video Views Special)

    StacheBros presents an improved version of his channel's most viewed video.

    ~The song was re-recorded to much higher quality than the original.

    ~The video quality is much improved, featuring capture carded visuals, and newly filmed shots for your liking.

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    It's-a-La-Weegee time again.
    Come on, come on, lets go!

    It is time for La-Weegee to shine. Night and day again, I always feel left apart from, fun in games, that are left to my Big Bro!

    But this time Nintendo put me in.
    "Thanks Ya'll!"

    Riding Yoshi, killing a Toad. Getting Star Coins, getting some more.

    We all love when Bowser dies!

    Super Suits that let you go fly, super skills that help you go die.

    And now it's time to-Sing real high! And here's an FYI: Don't go jumping into sand-with a Toad. And now it's cool with four play-ers!

    Now you'll die much faster than B-4

    *Fi-re Flow-er-er-er, one-up mushroom-oom-oom, pen-guin su-u-uit, su-per sta-a-a-ar, min-i-mushroom-oom-oom, pro-pell-er-er-er-er, no more gian-an-ants, ko-pa ki-i-i-ids, Ni-ine Wor-or-orlds, I-ice flow-ow-ower, nor-mal mushroom-oom-oom, Peach is capture-er-erd, col-ored Yoshi-i-is, Yelow-and-blue To-o-oad, Goom-ba Stomp-omp-ping, look more star coi-oi-oins*

    - "Dear Mario, I'll be waiting for you at the castle on the night of the star- Rawr! Huh! Ha Ha Ha! Huh? Lets go! Err, Ugh-ugh!"

    -This-a-game-is so-so awesome-oh yeah! You know Bro?
    (I know Bro!)

    **(Peach is captured once again)**

    New Super Mario Bros Wii-ii, is so awesome!
    (It's Awesome!)

    And now as the day-ay-ay goes on: you'll realize the game ain't that long!

    But don't goe crying your not dead yet.
    Pressing "A" is so much fun!
    (A Bubble Comes)
    Luigi fin-ly can shine!

    We all see, with you and me: how this game can bring you to-gether or tear you appart, but stillyou see how La-Weegee, can now sing-ing-ing with out no fight.

    Some hard coins that I can get.
    Leaving some people upset.
    And now I feel, so-o proud!

    Flying up into the air, sliding off with out no care!
    Lets sing it on-once more!

    It is time for La-Weegee to shine!

    No more shall I cry, cuz here's a game that's to die for.
    Bu-ut still I could use one more game! In Luigi's Mansion 2, for Wii.

    Oh Oh Yeah.
    It's time to go-o shine.

    Oh Oh yeah.
    It's time to go-o shine.

    Oh Oh yeah, oh oh yeah, yeah.
    I fin-ly got to go shine!
    (Oh Yeah!)

    (Go Lu-Weegee)
    See ya next time! Cuz Luigi time, is now done.

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