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Luigi Time!!! (Luigi's Mansion)

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  • Description: (Season Two-Episode Two)

    After calling Princess Peach retarded. and being sentenced to 20 years in the dungeon, Luigi is found singing over his favorite title of all time:"Luigi's Mansion".

    This video also marks my first video using my new Pinnacle Dazzle Capture Card, so be on the look out for improved quality.


    The greatest game of all!
    Made for me
    A game you should recall!
    Please agree
    Ooooooohhhhhhhhh Yeaaaaahhhh!!!!
    My-Mansion was won just for fun
    Turns out it was made by some bum
    His name was King-ing-ing Boo: The leader of all the ghosts
    And there's more to tell
    He-Tricked both me and my big bro
    He made it up
    He used the Port-if-uh-uh-ca-tion-er!
    Nom my bro's a painting
    E. Gadd, he was there with the vacum
    He gave it to me for free
    And now I have to go find Mar-yo
    Before the night's do-une
    One scary night!
    Get those ghosts with a fight!
    Scare the Boos with a freight!
    RIGHT NOW!!!!!!
    Turn those ghosts to paintings
    Get real rich like some kings
    "Hey-Hey Hey Luigi!"
    Give those halls some clearance
    For Bowser's guest-Apear-an-ance!
    The-Gre-e-test game I've ever played
    It beats that Link, and his dumb blade
    I cry-a-ev-er-y time I see those credits-a-role
    Yes I truely do
    My-Mansion can be happy one day
    If you get rank-a-A
    But I must warn-a-you-u
    Its hard with out that Boo
    Shocking isn't it?
    Try-Getting all gold framea for your ghost(s)
    Its rather hard, I'd know cuz I'm your host(s)
    And now its time to get beat up from mad Mario

    Enjoy! ")
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