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Luke Noah and Reid 239 9 8 10 1 of 3.divx

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  • Description: Luke Noah and Reid . . . ATWT will be pre-empted Friday the 10th. You will not miss any shows, as there will be no telecast . Viewers will see US Tennis .

    Next Confirmed Days: Thursday, September 9, Thursday, September 16, Friday September 17 (Van Only) The Final Show will be aired September 17. There may be other days before the 17th, but they are still unconfirmed.
    Seven Episodes and counting!!! The final show jumps ahead in time which may help to give the viewers a little more closure.
    You can check back. I will post dates here as soon as I can confirm them.

    Here is Nelson Branco's wonderful INTERVIEW with Eric Sheffer Stevens. . .

    The Jake Silbermann Interview -- As the World Turns

    Noah will appear this week (evidence being the remote shoot photo of Luke, Lily, Holden and Noah at Snyder Pond) on ATWT, and now also shown in the preview. This would be in additional to his last appearance set for September 16th.

    Eric/Reid fans can donate to Doctors Without Borders in his name at this site.

    SPOILER ALERT!!! . . . Spoilers collected at Luke and Noah Wiki

    Tuesday, Sept. 7th - Tom and Margo deliver some devastating news, and Luke is in for a big shock. "Luke goes through his first and complete utter heartbreak." says Van.
    Reid is gravely injured in the train accident (
    Tom and Margo deliver the difficult news about Reid to Luke (
    Reid makes a request of Luke (
    Luke fights against the inevitable (
    Luke meets Reid's Uncle Angus (
    Luke learns something surprising about Reid's past (
    Reid and Luke say goodbye (
    Reid dies (
    Holden and Lily team up to help a devastated Luke (
    Alison urges Noah to be there for his ex. (SOW)
    Noah, Lily, and Holden try to help Luke. (National Enquirer)
    Lily and Holden help Luke cope in his time of loss. (soaptownUSA)
    Noah's plans are altered (
    Luke and Noah come to an understanding (
    Luke turns back to Noah and they change their plans. (
    Luke finds a way to pay tribute to Reid(
    There is a memorial service for Reid (
    Luke leans on Noah in his time of need (
    Luke and Noah reminisce about their past at the place they met -- WOAK. (SoaptownUSA)
    Luke and Noah come full circle in their relationship (
    Noah makes a promise (
    Noah gives Luke a goodbye to remember (
    Luke and Noah reminisce about their past
    Noah extracts a promise from Luke
    Noah gives Luke a special goodbye
    Luke and Chris bond
    Chris is determined the make the most of his second chance at life
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