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Mars Jupiter Conjunction 2011

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  • Description: Astrology answers to overcoming fear and procrastination; Jupiter Mars Conjunction. This is a new cycle where Jupiter and Mars come together. When Jupiter and Mars conjunct in Aries what happens is the planets core qualities mix together to create something great that is a reflection of the astrological chart of that moment. The potential of this combination is the courage to take great risk and to be your authentic self. Jupiter and Mars are asking you embrace quiet determined ambition combined with sincerity and honesty. In doing so great success is yours.
    The supporting players, (other planets) include Saturn; suggesting that your mission will be accomplished using technically oriented support systems and giving attention to minute detail. Use your inner focus to be critical and demanding in a helpful supportive context. Venus brings devotion to one's loved ones is part of this mix. The end result will provide safety and protection to loved ones.
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