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Mass Effect 2 - Forsaken

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  • Description: This was a project that took some time. Since the release of DXHR and its awesome soundtrack, I felt that the "Icarus" theme would be perfect for a ME2 video. Indeed, MikkroBitti used it in his excellent "Deus Ex" video.

    With this video, I wanted to touch on the theme of Shepard's resurrection, returning to a galaxy that doesn't want to believe in the Reaper threat. Shunned by even his closest friends, Shepard must find proof of his visions before it is too late.

    I paced myself more than usual for several reasons. First, I didn't want to let the music down, and I also didn't want to let you guys down. There was simply a lot of footage I could have used and I took my time trying to select the best combination.

    That's about it... I think. Hope you enjoy it and looking forward to your comments!

    Michael McCann - Icarus
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