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Math Genious courses, MyEduzone Group, Muscat, Oman

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  • Description: MATH GENIUS COURSES, Muscat, Oman

    Math Genius School is part of MyEduzone Group focus in providing specialised mathematic courses. Math Genius is about mental arithmetic which provides technical skill in mathematics that can be acquired intensively through finely structured. The technical skill help children to strengthens and improve their mathematical competence in calculating with speed, and of course accuracy.

    Many people often assume that learning mental arithmetic is merely a method to improve the speed and accuracy of calculations, for example, adding 10-digit numbers withln a few seconds. By itself,it is already an amazing accomplishment for most young children.

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    Concentration is the concentrated and directed attention towards a particular matter with clear reflection that creates a deep image and mental impression. An enhanced concentration leads to better absorption power. Studying will then be a joyfuI thlng for these children. In the abacus and mental arithmetic education children will be tralned to concentrate when Iistening to the teachers questions (that ranges from easy to difficult) and then focus on calculating the answers as accurately as possible.


    Observtion is the ability to compare and analyse and differentiate objects, motives and steps. It is also a state of alertness and swiftness of the mind and senses. This comes from the need to understand the theoretical requirements of each calculation and at the same time be aware of the time, and promptings from the teachers.

    Visualization and Imagination

    By using the imagination of the right braln to visualize the abacus in mind, inevitably the powers of visualization would become sharp and clear. Albert Einstein believes that the imagination is important than knowledge, because imagination is the main source of yet-to-be-discovered knowledge.


    Memory is the ability to store and retrieve information and experiences. It has been found that memory in the left brain would not stay long, but an image that is recorded in the right brain would stay on in the mind forever. By stimulating the right brain with mental arithmetic, and in combination with the alertness of the eyes, ears and hands, the ability to store and recall is developed together.

    Therefore, the ability to solve 10-digits arithmetic problems in only a few seconds is only a small success in comparison to the actual mental training that has been done in order to achieve the skill to perform rapid calculations.
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