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Matrix by Mickael Chatelain

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    4 holes are in each corner of the card. And with his two fingers the magician moves the hole one by one.

    After that, 4 holes are all in the same corner- It's amazing !

    It's like with coins, but with a playing card-Why nobody thinks this idea before!


    - A really good production quality for this card - perfect gimmick

    - You can show it to the spectator, flash the back card, make a change and give the card to the spectator

    - 3 cards and a DVD explanation - 1 gimmick and 2 examinable cards

    "Have you seen this card?? It's Incredible!"

    "The best gimmick since very long!"

    "After Numberground, the new Mickael Chatelain's effect!" : SFP Jay Sankey in FFAP congress : "It's amazing, so perfect, so slim,...really really good!"

    Running Time Approximately 120min
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