Download Medha-Suktam - Vedic Chant for Memory & Recollection - by Atmaprajnananda Saraswati video

Download Medha-Suktam - Vedic Chant for Memory & Recollection - by Atmaprajnananda Saraswati video on

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Medha-Suktam - Vedic Chant for Memory & Recollection - by Atmaprajnanand...

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  • Description: Medha-Suktam - Krshna-Yajurveda -Taittiriya-Aranyaka

    Every person is endowed with high intellectual capacity. The Vedas consider this capacity as a manifestation of the deity called Medha Devi. In every person, this medha-sakti is a vital element for progress in education, science, religion, and spirituality. The Medha-Suktam comprises five mantras invoking Medha Devi and is belongs toTaittiriya-Aranyaka of Krshna-Yajurveda.

    Free Translation
    Verse - 1
    May the all-pervasive infinite intelligent order, in the form of the Goddess of our 'given' intellect, being invoked and pleased by our reverential prayers, come into our hearts (intellect), and bless us with complete emotional maturity for Self-knowledge. Oh Goddess! We who are helplessly lost in inappropriate speech, now with your grace, avoid all forms of it. Please bless us with (the situation and qualifications) to gain Self-knowledge, and remove our doubts and vagueness, so that we may share this knowledge with our deserving children and disciples. (1)

    Verse - 2
    Oh Medha Devi! Blessed by you one becomes a Poet/Seer of the Vedas, and one becomes a brahmana. (Brahmana has two meanings. The first is a Viveki, which is a discriminative, clear-thinking, and dharmic person. The second is one who knows the implied meaning of the Vedantic equation - the individual is the total as 'I am the limitless being', 'the cause of the universe', full and complete, and free from sorrow/becoming). Blessed by you, one gains auspicious properity. May you receive and be pleased by our prayers and respond in fullness. (2)

    Verse - 3
    May Indra (Isvara as the presiding deity/Lord of the five senses of all beings) bless me with medha, viveka, vairagya, and sama-dama-adi-shatka-sampatti, mumukshuttvam. May Devi Saraswati bless me with medha. May the two Asvins (who connect memory with smell), wearing fragrant lotus garlands, bless me with medha. Bless me with medha, which is enjoyed by the Apsaras and the Gandharvas. In other words, bless me with the mental capacities they enjoy in their celestial upadhis. Instill in me Vedic-knowledge that is as attractive as lovely fragrance, and blesses those who imbibe it. (3)

    Verse - 4
    May Medhadevi, who is capable of the subtlest discrimination, come to me in an exquisite image, so joyful, and bless me. That Goddess, who is in the form of infinite intelligence, is in-and-through all cognition and is the very given cognitive power itself (the giver and the given being one). Oh Goddess! Your true nature is self-effulgent awareness, and you come to manifest in the form of Mother Sruti. You are timelessly present. You are worthy of reverence and worship by the jijnasus (those desirous of Self-knowledge). Your grace bestows all the qualifications (adhikarittvam) for Self-knowledge. You are Maya-Sakti. Maya-Sakti is limitless power (non-different from the powerful) manifest as the absolute creative force, which makes the impossible possible, and who nourishes my emotional being with the milk (grace) of contemplative mind (sattva) earned through prayer. You are in the form of all the nourishment, or prasada (grace).(4)

    Verse - 5
    Oh Goddess Medha! As Agni Devata, the most sacred medium of Vedic worship, continuosly bless me with brilliance, and unbroken lineage of children and/or disciples. Bless me to be a Brahma-vacasvi, who is a person who has cognised Brahman as aham/I, and who has no doubts. May Indra bless me with medha, unbroken lineage, and physical/emotional health/virility (viryapustim). May Surya Devata grant me medha, and prowess/fearlessness to face all painful facts with non-resistant prayer, and express myself through appropriate words and actions. (5)

    Audio rendering by - Swamini Atmaprajnananda Saraswati
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