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Meera MBA Kajer Meye - Episode 47

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  • Description: Meera MBA Kajer Meye - Episode 47 - Bengali TV Serial. Meera MBA Kajer Meye is a Bengali TV Serial directed by Shankar Chanda starring Dritiman Chatterjee, Sayantani, Sudip & Ajad Ansari, Music by Nachiketa. Meera MBA Kajer Meye is the story of Meera (Sayantani) who is an MBA but is appointed as a house-maid in Mukherjee mansion. What makes her take up this job and how she wins all hearts is what the story is all about. Episode Synopsis: Anuj tries to convince Baishali that whatever he was doing with Meera is a part of the plan to kick her out of the mansion. He tells her that he is trying to spread a bad name about her so that the family members are forced to throw her out of the house. Baishali gets convinced and Anuj heaves a sigh of relief after fooling Baishali. Meera can't get the recent events out of her mind and is disturbed. She gets reminded of Sid and even day dreams about him. But when her reverie breaks she realises she is all alone. Just then Ria comes in and sees Meera crying. She gets furious and accuses Meera of all the mayhem. But being a friend she asks her angrily why is she not leaving this house after facing so much humiliations. Shyam joins in the conversation and asks Ria to not be so self centered. Meera then tries to pacify both and asks for forgiveness. Shyam feels responsible for not protesting for all these and calls Anuj to condemn him. Anuj doesnt take it lightly and accuses and abuses Shyam. In a fit of rage, Anuj decides to finish the case once and for all but Baishali urges him to use the situation and talk to Ravindra. He warns Ravindra that if he doesn't kick Meera out of the house, he will leave. Ravindra doesnt give in and instead asks him to respect Meera. Shyam goes to Meera's room to talk to her. Click on to watch more Bengali TV Shows Meera MBA Kajer Meye.
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