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Merlin & Arthur - Destiny Series 2/3 AU [Merlin]

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    Well here is the next instalment, I know it doesn't have much Merlin/Arthur and its not overtly exciting but it's all to build up to the third vid which Is where it all kicks off and I can't wait to get on it - I've just started clipping bits together for it, and It's been the reason for this whole series, so I can't wait to get on and vid it. Even though I still am not 100% sure on the ending :S hee! But again I like to hope this is pretty easy to follow... more details below


    so yes in the video Arthur is mortally wounded, much like in 1x13, as Camelot begins to mourn Merlin is determined to do whatever it takes to save Arthur, searching through his spell book he discovers that Nimueh is his only hope (for the basis of this storyline, Merlin was not aware of the Dragon's existence) Willing to offer his life for Arthur's, Nimueh rejects him knowing it is not his destiny to die at her hands. Racing back Gaius shares the secret of the Dragon, who provides him with the spell to save the prince, but warns him....there will be a cost.



    Morganna: Arthur!
    Gwen: No

    Merlin: We haven't done all the things we meant to do

    Uther: The people have begun to say goodbye

    Gaius: Merlin what happened?
    Merlin: I couldn't save him

    Merlin: He can't die it is my destiny to protect him...the cure comes from the old religion
    Gaius: There's not many left with such an can only be invoked by an ancient sorcerer...Nimueh

    Merlin: If the balance of the world needs a life the Nimueh must take mine...his life is worth a hundred of mine
    Nimueh: It is not your destiny to die at my hand

    Gaius: There's only one alive to give us the answers we need...the great dragon.

    Merlin: I cannot save him
    Great Dragon: You do not know how to save will not be easy
    Merlin: I will do anything
    Great Dragon: Anything?
    Merlin: Whatever the price is I will pay it gladly

    Great Dragon: You will need a spell more powerful than anything you know

    Gaius: The prince lives...

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