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Mew Mew Power Episode 1 Part 1. -VDCROnGRnZ0

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  • Description: Hi, Please Read Important info you Would Like to know!
    4Kids Series MMP Uploaded Right out of the box.
    Q. Where I can buy orginial dvds from 4kids? That's english Dubbed?
    A. 4Kids never released DVDs of this show in the US. Also, 4Kids doesn't have their own site to buy things from so the only way to get their shows is either from a store that has them or Sites online where you can get them. The Way I Got them Was I Got Me A Viza Credit card my mom got me and I Buyed them online in a trusted store 3 years ago. it took a Week to ship the boxed set.
    Q. This isnt the First Episode! Wheres the 1st episode. is, and it was the first episode that aired on TV (I saw it before) the first episode on the MMP DVD I Have and Own Which is only MMP In English. Even if you searched for the web on 'Mew Mew Power Episode 1' you woudent find any search results for the Tokyo mew mew episode 1. 4Kids Made a 'HUGE' edit to the Episodes.
    Q. Why did they Make an Edit
    A. This is A Good Question. The Reason I Found Was That they Wanted to introduce all the Characters First. (If Not Please Comment An Tell me)
    Q. Where Can I Download This?
    A. I Honestly Have no idea...If you want to download them from me than comment Your Reason Why? I Dont Like Handing them out to everyone :/ Mainly Becuase, People Would Copy and Upload them and Claim they owned it and it costed me ALOT of money to buy this Anyways, Comment Below Asking for the link to my website on there you will find download links from mediafire. There is No Virus, And These are HQ!
    Q. Are you gonna Upload Tokyo mew Mew Episodes?
    A. Probally,! I have them ripping on my computer right now :3
    Q. Which Version Do you Like better
    A. I Think the Mew Mew Power Version if better :3 Sorry, For Japense Version fans :3 I Just dont like The Japanese version cause #1 Its not HQ Alot #2 I Cant understand Half What they say ( IM Learning Japanese im teaching myself but, lately i've stopped) #3 I Dont find them intersting alot.
    Q.Where is TMM a la Mode?
    A. TMM a la Mode was never animated. So you won't be able´╗┐ to find an anime version. You Have to read the Manga

    Q. Does Berry and Ringo Apper in the Anime
    A. Sadly no. They only apper in the Manga My Favorite Characters Are Ichigo, Berry, Ringo I think thier so cute x3 Berry the most
    Q.Where's The Rest of the Episodes?
    A. Heavily edited and dubbed, 23 episodes of Mew Mew Power aired on the 4Kids TV channel in the United States and 26 episodes aired on YTV in Canada. 4Kids Entertainment was unable to license the remaining 26 episodes of the series, thus were unable to complete its broadcast. They have not released the series to home video.
    Despite criticism for extensive editing that removed most of the Japanese elements, the Mew Mew Power dub became the highest rated 4Kids show during its broadcast. It was licensed for regional release in several other countries instead of the original Japanese series.
    The English dub completely changes the music score so the background music is complete different from the original Japanese music. Also, almost all of the dialogue is completely different from it's original English translation.

    Names were also changed in the English version. The name changes are:

    Ichigo Momomiya - Zoey Hanson
    Mint Aizawa - Corina Bucksworth
    Lettuce Midorikawa - Bridget Verdant
    Pudding Fon - Kikki Benjamin
    Zakuro Fujiwara - Renee Roberts
    Masaya Aoyama - Mark
    Ryou Shirogane - Elliot Grant
    Keiichiro Akasaka -Wesley J. Coolridge III
    Masha/Mini - Mew
    Kisshu - Dren

    Terms were also changed as well and those are:

    Tokyo Mew Mew-Team Mew Mew
    Para Para/Parasite Alien-Infuser
    Chimera Anima-Predisite
    Mew Mew (insert name) Metamorphosis!-Power Pendant Activate/Mew-tamorphosis!
    In the English Version Most People dont notice this at all im probally the only person
    The Aliens Names Backwards. Like Dren's is Nerd... -VDCROnGRnZ0
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