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Michael Jackson @ 2006 World Music Awards (Part 1)

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  • Description: I still can't believe it's been a week since Michael Jackson's passing. I've been listening to his music everyday and almost every time I'd start crying. It's funny that I never understood why people who went to his concerts would cry and faint. But now I understand.

    I am so glad that they re-aired the 2006 World Music Awards (WMAs) because I missed it the first time around. This time watching Michael Jackson holds a very special meaning to me personally. I understand this was the very last time of his televised appearance/performance. I cried again, when he got on stage to perform with the choir "We Are The World". I am so envious of the choir and everyone and anyone who have had the opportunity to meet him in person. I now don't even have the chance to go to his concerts.

    I've compiled this footage from the show to share with all the Michael Jackson fans out there. Also to share with whoever might have missed it last night. Also whoever that might appreciate.

    Michael Jackson is THE MOST FAMOUS HUMAN BEING IN THE WORLD!!! Everyone in the audience knows his songs and were singing along. The whole entire time fans' screaming did not stop. All that was for Michael Jackson. And he definitely deserved it.

    Michael Jackson. Forever King of Pop. We will miss you forever and always. RIP.
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