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Michael jackson, The Last Song Of His Life

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  • Description: In the Memory of Michael Jackson.
    Earth song was the last performence of mj one day before he died .

    Michael jackson was a wonderful man, he spent all his life to help people around the world . He used his money and made many concerts just for charity .
    He was a lonely man who needed help but no one was there for him , they was there for his money .
    he knew that but he never stopped helping and loving them .
    he died like he had no family . he was left in hands of people who was using him like a money maker .
    he was looking any way to escape but nobody heard him crying .
    He wanted to heal the world and help children.
    spite of the fact that MJ was heavely sedated or under the influecnce of something very powerful, he still thought only about the children.a hospital for the children. Do NOT jump to the conclusion that MJ was a drug addict based on this evidence, it only shows that MJ needed help..NOT more drugs. Stress can do a lot to alter ones speech and rational, but his mind was definately showing the effects of this slow death he was enduring.
    He died in that Room alone IN JUNE 25TH in hands of The man who wasnt able to call the 911 to save his life , the man who did know that he wasnt healthy to do the 50 showS but all he wanted was to see him on stage so he can get paid as he wanted .
    this is not all , there is many side of this story that will stay A secret but we all know his death wasnt natural and many people are behind , not only CM.

    This is all i will remember from this trial no matter the verdict . i really wanted to express how i feel .
    thanks for reading . KEEP THE FAITH


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