Download Michael Jackson. WE ARE THE WORLD !!! (Solo) -k63mkH-IeCk video

Download Michael Jackson. WE ARE THE WORLD !!! (Solo) -k63mkH-IeCk video on

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Michael Jackson. WE ARE THE WORLD !!! (Solo) -k63mkH-IeCk

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  • Description: "We Are the World" is a song and charity single recorded by the supergroup USA for Africa. It was written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, and co-produced by Quincy Jones and Michael Omartian for the 1985 album of the same name. The idea for the creation of a benefit single for African famine relief had initially come from activist Harry Belafonte, who, along with fundraiser Ken Kragen, was instrumental in bringing the vision to reality. Several musicians were contacted by the pair, before Jackson and Richie were assigned the task of writing the song. Following several months of working together, the duo completed the writing of "We Are the World" one night before the anthem's first recording session, in early 1985. The last recording session for the song was held on January 28, 1985. The historic event brought together some of the biggest artists in the music industry at the time. The singers who sang the song (in order of appearance): * Lionel Richie, * Stevie Wonder, * Paul Simon, * Kenny Rogers, * James Ingram * Tina Turner, * Billy Joel, * Michael Jackson, * Diana Ross * Dionne Warwick, * Willie Nelson,Stevie Wonder,‎ * Al Jarreau, * Bruce Springsteen, * Kenny Loggins, * Steve Perry, * Daryl Hall, * Huey Lewis, * Cyndi Lauper, * Kim Carnes, * Bob Dylan, * Ray Charles

    So, now u watch and say hinestly - do u like it?

    We Are The World

    There is a time when we should heed a certain cause
    Cause the world, it seems its right in this line
    Cause theres a chance for taking in needing our own lives
    It seems we need nothing at all

    I used to feel that I should give away my heart
    And it shows that fear of needing them
    Then I read the headlines and it said theyre dying there
    And it shows that we must heed instead

    * We are the world, we are the children
    We are the ones who make a brighter day
    So lets start giving
    But theres a chance were taking
    Were taking our own lives
    Its true well make a brighter day
    Just you and me

    Give in your heart and you will see that someone cares
    Cause you know that they can feed them all
    Then I read the paper and it said that youve been denied
    And it shows the second we will call

    * (repeat)

    Now theres a time when we must love them all
    And it seems that life, it dont make love at all
    But if youd be there, and Ill love you more and more
    It seems in life, I didnt do that -k63mkH-IeCk
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