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Minecraft song by Bobby Yarsulik

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    i did not make this song, i just made the video
    source info at the end of description.

    MineCraft - THE SONG - by Bobby Yarsulik (aka xSlay3rx)

    My world is created, it's different every time
    I start inside a box, the world on the outside
    The sun is going down soon, I better go inside
    I cover up the door, so I can wait and hide.

    The mine is so dark now, it's hard to even see,
    The tunnel's getting black, im almost out of trees,
    I go back for more coal, and find there's nothing left
    But theres something in the dark, and I think it's after me.

    CHORUS: Minecraft, im talkin bout Minecraft, talkin bout mine craft, talking bout minecraft X2

    It's been all of night now, and I haven't heard a sound
    I can't see outside, is there anyone around
    I need to leave here soon, before it's night again
    I open up the door, and the creeper is let in.


    game footage is from
    music is from Bobby Yarsulik
    the scene with the creeper at the end is from

    it's hilarious, so go watch it.
    like&comment because minecraft is awesome \o/
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