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MLP:FiM Music - Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme (Instrumental)

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    From Season 1, Episode 18, "The Show Stoppers"
    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    Music by Daniel Ingram
    ©2011 Hasbro Studios

    Ripped by Senn555

    This isn't really new, though I've had it completed and sitting on my hard drive for several months. I ripped this immediately after I finished CMC Go Crusading, though I didn't bother to upload it since InfinityDash had already made his own rip - the main reason I did my own was to have an mp3 on the go that was encoded more to my preferences.

    You can find Infinity's rip - a proper video with lyrics (for karaoke purposes) - here:

    The CMC Theme is (by far!) my #1 favorite song from Sir Daniel Ingram - though I'll be honest and say that I personally can't stand Scootaloo's singing. It's meant to be terrible, yes, but I love the song far more as an instrumental piece. Daniel has expressed interest in re-recording this with proper singing, so I can only hope he does it justice someday! Perhaps for the soundtrack CD, whenever that comes out...

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