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Monster Rancher Abridged Episode 4

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  • Description: In this striking chapter of Monster Rancher Abridged, Genki and his intrepid team are confronted by two ruthless enemies hellbent on seizing their recently acquired mystery disk. The first, a mercenary group of Weeds willing to use any and all tactics to accomplish there nefarious goals. The second, a misguided human that brings Genki face to face with a level of cruelty he was not aware a fellow human could possess.

    Genki and Mocchi set out on their own, seeking to recover their stolen mystery disk and liberate Alan's abused yet devoted monster, Worm. They are suddenly taken P.O.W. when Alan and Moo's effeminate agrarian agents decide to join forces.

    Everything comes to a head when Alan and the evil Seed Sisters set a devious trap for Holly, Suezo, and Golem. In this helpless state, the fate of our heroes rests solely in the tusks of an unlikely and uncertain ally, who meets an unimaginable fate.

    Featuring music by Akitaka Tohyama, Score Productions, Doppiaggio Internazionale, Maiko Iuchi, and of course, Bruce Faulconer's rousing Heroic Trunks theme, this episode will leave you whiplashed. Monster Rancher is the property of TECMO, CBC, Dentsu, TMS, ADV Films, Fox Kids, Bohbot Kids Network, and Digiview Entertainment.
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