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Moving Too Fast - Accomp Track

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  • Description: Music by Jason Robert Brown

    This is one of the accomp tracks we used recently for a production of TL5Y that was done with entirely digital backing. Originally this track was combined with the end of "See, I'm Smiling" and had Cathy's dialogue recorded into the solo with sort of a "phone" sound effect. I decided to keep the original raw piano version of this and have been using it lately for practice or even for some small performances and auditions.

    All piano parts were recorded into Reason by me, Jake Minter, usually one hand at a time. Some sections were done all at once, others required several layers and a lot of quantizing, but this is note for note the P/C score version of Moving Too Fast.

    The piano solo and the vamp it runs over was performed by Bruce Sklar.
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