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Mukhtar Nama-Movie-Urdu Part 5 of 40

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  • Description: This story narrates the sad plight of the Muslim Ummah with the Religion of Islam. English Subtitles. It relates the tragic events that took place through the eyes of Mukhtar after the martyrdom of Amir ul Momineen Ali: from the betrayal of the Muslim Ummah to the grandson of the Holy Prophet[s], Imam Hassan, which forced him to resolve to a peace treaty with Muawiyah, to the uprising and sacrifice of the lives of Imam Hussein and the Prophet's family at the plains of Kerbala to awaken the Muslim Ummah from its deep slumber. We see it is time
    for Mukhtar now to rise and avenge all the atrocities committed to the Ahlulbayt and finally brings the culprits of Islam to justice.

    Islamic Movie Film Iranian Series Mokhtar Mukhtar Nama Eng Sub Mukhtar Nameh Mukhtar Namay English Subtitles Mukhtar Chronicles تاريخ المختار
    The Tragedy of Islam مصيبة الاسلام
    Imam Hassan peace treaty with Muawiyah صلح الامام الحسن مع معاوية
    Imam Hussein uprising against Yazid ثورة الامام الحسين ضد يزيد
    The Legend of Kerbala بطل كربلاء
    Justice stand against Oppression and Tyranny وقفة العدل ضد الظلم و الجور
    A series directed by Davud Mirbaqeri narrating Mokhtar Al-Thaqafi's revenge for Karbala.
    Arab Heroes
    Arab Lions
    Best Fighter
    Muslim Warrior
    Army of Islam
    Deception and Deceit
    Muslim Hypocrites sold their hereafter for this world.
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