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MUSIC THEORY: Interval Inversions

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    Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question...

    Q: I recently watched your video on Intervals and had a question about a term I came across called, "Interval Inversions." In the music book I have, it said that when an interval is inverted it actually becomes another interval. Could you consider doing a video on this idea? Thank you.
    Henk -- the Netherlands

    A: I doubt that it'll come as to much surprise that in order to understand the idea of, Interval Inversions the concept of Intervals themselves must first require some study before-hand. If you haven't had a chance to watch my lesson on Intervals, I'd suggest that would be a good starting point. You can find the full video lesson on my Creative Guitar website; under; Music Theory -- with the video title of: Understanding Musical Intervals.

    Because Intervals operate around the foundation of key signatures, if you're not well aware of your key signature theory, that would be yet another area to study up on. My video titled: "MUSIC READING - Level 6: Understanding Key Signatures" should work as a good starting point on that topic.

    When Intervals are inverted, we simply find the lower note becoming the higher note, or the higher note becoming the lower. It can be a little confusing... So, in order to explain this idea as clearly as possible, I've created a number of examples for the video so you can fully understand how this idea operates.

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