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My immortal [Elfen lied]

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  • Description: Ok, so this project is very very old. I found it in my pc files and decided to finish it . I have always dreamed to make an amv with this song, because it is fantastic in my opinion, so I've chosen elfen lied anime. I think there is no need to say why - elfen lied is PERFECT for this song. Elfen lied is my favorite anime and still I didn't make any full serious projects using it, so at last I did :) This video is about Lucy and Nyuu. Although I put some scenes with Nana but just because those scenes were very useful for me. The main story is about Lucy and Nyuu. For those who didn't watch this anime - Lucy and Nyuu are the same person. Lucy ir creature with very strong power - invisible hands, which are perfect killing instruments. Her life was very hard, she hates all human (the story of anime tells why), she kills everybody. She was captured by human, but she escaped and killed all guards like you'll see in the end of my video. But human shooted into her head. She lost her memory and didn't talk, just said "Nyuu" that's why her new name was Nyuu. Sometimes Lucy in Nyuu again wakes up with wish to kill human around. But Nyuu is in good hands of good people now, and most of the time she is Nyuu not Lucy. That's why I made video about Nyuu and Lucy - sisters of Destiny. I love them both :)

    I must say this video is very simple! There are no big or interesting effects :/ It's probably because this video is sad and slow, so there is no need to put lots of colourful tasteless effects, right? But in the end of making proccess I was soooo tired and bored that I put everything without any effects or idea :DDD Sorry!!! Please enjoy!!! Some info:

    Anime - ELFEN LIED
    Music - EVANESCENCE 'MY IMMORTAL (Band version)'
    Software used - SONY VEGAS PRO 9 (I won't use this ever again!)

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