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My Only Love; Jemi - Full Movie [Part 1]

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  • Description: Woot woot! :D So, I have made the "Jemi Movie". There's two parts to it. This is COMPLETELY fictional and made for Jemi entertainment.

    Storyline | Plot:
    It's a typical day for Joe and Demi. Joe asks her for a canoe ride. For them, its just a normal thing hanging out. Joe asking her. Demi asking him. That is until, Demi finally has the guts to tell him about her true feelings during the canoe ride. At first, Demi feels ashamed of what she just told her bestfriend. But Joe thought otherwise. Joe has no hesitation admitting that he has fallen for her also. It was the start of their relationship. But as they continue with their careers, they're relationship is tested. Joe begins spending time with one the stars in the Jonas Brothers' music video, Lovebug. As Demi drives off from her interview, she spots her boyfriend walking and the street with Camilla. She trusted Joe. Therefore, she never complained. Little did she know, it was more than that. The next day, Joe visits her. He apologizes for breaking up with Demi. Demi is shocked by his sudden decision. She asks him to make the breakup official by asking if he didn't love her. Joe hesitates, but says he has fallen out of love anyway. Demi is devistated. After thinking everything through, Demi decides to make things right with Joe and become friends once again, although she is still deeply hurt. She pays him a visit only to hear Joe announce his "love" for Camilla. She breaks down into tears as she makes her way out. Her sobs gets Joe's attention, so he stops her. Demi confronts him not believing a word he says. She just heard what he said to Camilla, but he denies it. But it was true. Joe was confused as ever. He, himself didn't realize why he would say that to Camilla. He didn't mean to hurt Demi, but she tells him about the hurt shes going through. Guilt and confusion were getting the best of him, so he gives up trying to sort things out and lets Demi leave. Waiting for Joe was another problem. Camilla just heard their conversation, leaving her heartbroken. She believed him, but it was all a lie. Joe is left with nothing. | As he hangs with his brothers at a restaraunt, he spots Demi with her costar, Sterling. He couldn't believe what he saw. Overhearing Joe's talking, Kevin convinces him to tell Demi how he really feels. Joe goes up to them as hes watching them flirt. Nothing but jealousy takes over so he asks her if it was a fake date. Demi is surprised to see him there, so she gets back at him, telling him that it was real, and sealing it with a kiss. Joe stands there completely heartbroken. Meaghan, a guest star from her show, sees Joe's sadness and defends him. She made it clear that it was a gathering for their show. She knew that Demi was hurting herself by hurting Joe. Joe becomes infuriated. He takes his anger on Demi, blaming her for everything. But when he hears her side of the story, he calms down and asks her not to leave him anymore. Demi asks Joe to tell her that Joe loves her. Joe becomes overwhelmed again as confusion hits him. He stutters on his words. After Demi had enough, she thanks him for letting her know that he didn't love her. She couldn't take the hurt of not being loved by the one you love. Joe leaves disappointed in Demi and himself. | They both decide to move on. But as they do so, they couldn't seem to get each other out of their minds.

    Passenger Seat // Stephen Speaks
    Fall For You // Secondhand Serenade
    Your Call // Secondhand Serenade
    Permanent // David Cook
    Unfaithful // Rhianna
    Why // Secondhand Serenade
    Incomplete // Backstreet Boys
    The Mess I Made // Parachute
    More Like Her // Miranda Lambert
    I Don't Believe You // Pink
    Don't Go // Making April

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