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* My personal ranking * - All voices - Anastasia

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    This ranking is another concept than my top 15's.
    In my tops I'm more objective. I choose the criteria but after all, sometimes I'm really suprised about the tops and sometimes it's even my taste.
    Here it's different. I choose every version because of my personal taste. That's the reason that this ranking and my top aren't the same.

    So, don't got angry because your'e favourit is too low or a version you hate is too high.
    I'm pleased to hear your comments but stay kind ^^

    Also, I do this in order of my favourit characters. Anastasia is n° 2 ....

    30-24: Something I hate in this version (especially Dutch)
    23-19: They're starting to be good, but something annoying in it.
    18-12: The popular ones that don't deserve to be popular. They're normal
    11-07: I really like one of the song, something nasal in it. Very good versions
    06-02: Deserve to be the voice of Anya. Great versions !
    01: This version is PERFECT ! Such emotion and the singing is wonderful x3

    Note: Sorry for the synchronisation, there was something with my editor. It was very slow and the image and sounds weren't on the same time, so I couldn't make it perfect.
    I spend more than 2 weeks to edit this and do research of all versions.

    I'm glad I did research because I fell in love with Bulgarian after hearing "Journey to the Past". Her voice is such a difference.
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