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Narnia ||Set fire to everybody||

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  • Description: ok read this!this is what happend when i'm imspired (=
    i know the words of the song does't fix with a Narnia fight's vid i know that!
    but what i love is the music!!!!this mix that someone did with this Adele'ssong and other band is just AMAZING!!

    and i love the Narnia battle from narnia 2 and 3(specially susan and lucy's fight on Narnia 2 &3) so i did this fats vid and i hope you guys like it!!
    i'm really proud of this i did it in 1:30!! so wont be the last time that i sued this song (= hehe
    please commment like and subscrine pleaseplease

    soon like i promise a vid of my faved triangle "Lupiasmund" but this time like i promisse caspian is the bad guy comming soon on my channel (=

    Back up channel:

    collab channel that you will love for sure!!:

    subbies subbies =3
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