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Naruto Episode 30 Part [1/2]

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  • Description: Naruto Episode 30.
    Sasuke activates his Sharingan against his own will; this being the first time he's intentionally used it since the battle against Haku in the Land of Waves. He aims attack after attack at Orochimaru, finishing with FireStlye: DragonFlame Jutsu. In the end, after setting a paralysis jutsu on Sasuke, Orochimaru bestows Sasuke with a Cursed Seal at the base of his neck by biting him. After Orochimaru disappears, the pain the Curse Mark caused Sasuke was so great, that he passed out, leaving Sakura alone and helpless against the other participants in the Chunin Exams...

    Media is flipped, so for example, if Sasuke moved left in the original episode, this uploaded version, he moves right. This was done so Tokyo TV wouldn't remove it.
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