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Nena - Mach die Augen auf (Lyrics) -0zX56RsCD5g

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  • Description: Ja, hier ist unser 1. Video, von daher bitte nicht streng sein *-*
    Da niemand ein Lyrics davon IN YOUTUBE hatte,
    haben wir uns gedacht ._. wir machens mal! Viel spaß beim singen, zuhörn, etc. ^-^ Und nicht klauen! @.@
    Abonnieren, Kommentieren, Bewerten, Favorisiern, Weiterleiten nicht vergessen :D~ *Keksdose für alle Youtuber dies schauen dalass* Mampft ma schöN! :3

    English translation:

    Open your eyes

    When the sky rotates
    And the earth shifts
    When you and me soon
    Might not be existing anymore
    We wish, decide, think and hope
    I dream and everything is open

    Can you see who you are?
    Do you notice that it is? (like it is, who you are)
    Every place, every word, every man
    Everything there, everything was something special

    Move, experience yourself
    Make peace with yourself
    Make peace with yourself and the earth
    The earth is beautiful
    Let yourself rotate together with it
    You decide every step
    Come, move with it
    Make peace - (open your eyes)
    Make peace - (open your eyes)

    That I can't see so many things
    Doesn't mean I can't discover them
    When I could share what we are
    With you, I could learn
    I live, it's going on -0zX56RsCD5g
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