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New Replication Features

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  • Description: Mats Kindahl (Sun Microsystems), Lars Thalmann (MySQL) speak at the 2010 O'Reilly MySQL User Conference & Expo

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    In this talk, the developers behind MySQL Replication walk through some of the new Replication features of MySQL 5.5:

    - Heartbeating is used to manage that the master and slave connection is always up.

    - Semi-synchronous Replication is used to ensure that any update of the master is on the slave before transaction is acknowleged to the user.

    - Replication Server Filtering ensures that the user can more easily replicate in a circle.

    - Relay log synchronization ensures that the slave is restartable without clearing the relay log in case of crashes.

    - Show relay log events to see what is in the relay log similar to how you can use the SHOW BINLOG EVENTS to see what is in the binary log.

    - Support in mysqlbinlog for remote backup of binary logs.
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