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"Obligation of First Aid Carry" by StealthBeast

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  • Description: Nutnfancy did a stellar job in expressing his philosophies of EDC in his video "Obligation of Carry". To put it simply, he expressed the wisdom in concealed carry permit holders who carry their guns on their 24/7/365 with an extremely high % propensity of carry.

    Well said Nutnfancy! But I'm 20 years old as of this text, and I can't get a license to carry in my state until I'm 21. So just because I can't carry a gun, does that mean I get to give up on preparedness? No! And if you're in my position, neither should you!

    This video is inspired by Nutnfancy's "Obligation of carry" video to encourage firearm owners to carry a first aid kit on them at all times! A good first aid kit contains several pairs of non-latex gloves, gauze, bandaids, tape, a CPR barrier, and a few simple pharmaceuticals such as Aspirin, Benadryl, and Advil. If you don't carry a knife, you'll want a small pair of scissors to cut clothing, tape, and seatbelts. Learn to use your equipment, you don't need to know fancy stuff like how to operate an AED or apply a proper tourniquet, just knowing to apply pressure to bleeding, CPR, and the Heimlich manuever (for choking) can save lives!

    If you're ever in an emergency, ask yourself these questions in this order:

    1: Is the scene safe for me? If not, leave and call 911.
    2: Were they in a car accident, or fell off a ladder, or some other trauma where they may have hurt their spine? Call 911, and don't move them unless absolutely necessary! They may have a spinal injury.
    3: Are they breathing? If not, call 911, and begin CPR, or if you don't know CPR, find people around you that may know CPR.
    4: Are they bleeding? If so, call 911 and apply pressure to the wound with a gloved hand, preferably with gauze.
    5: Are they cold, lightheaded, dizzy, or pale? They may be hypotensive or going into shock. Call 911 and lay them on a blanket or other warm surface, elevate their legs, cover them with blankets to keep them warm. Shock leaves you sensitive to the cold.
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