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Official Video "Kerokero-San"

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  • Description: Hi my bubble trouble gummy chewing froggies!

    A viewer of my Japanese Live Broadcast made this song by using my catch phrases from a Live Broadcast where I interviewed kerokero-san, and asked me to do something a music video! Btw, kerokero-san is my favourite plush animal, he's 4 years old! : D Kerokero is Japanese and means "ribbit ribbit" in English. So Kerokero-san = Mr. Ribbit Ribbit! I gave him this name because I can move kerokero-san's mouth while saying quak quak, so it looks like kerokero-san can actually talk. For real. @_@

    The song is about kerokero's morning greeting: Ohakero! Because "Good Morning"
    is "Ohayou" in Japanese, so Ohakero is kerokero-san's personal morning greeting! Ohakero everyone! : D Also, in the song, kerokero-san states that he thinks that London is too cold, so he wants live in Africa (Geographically seen I lived 3 years in Africa @.@)! : D
    *My only relative shown in this video is Kerokero-San.
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